football RECRUITING TAPES - General Information


STEP 1. Send us the video footage.

   - If it is in file format on your computer, click the following link, put in your email address, drag all your files onto the page, and hit the transfer button:

- If the files are on your phone, download the free WeTransfer App, install it, then click the above link on your phone.

- If your files are on google drive or another online service, simply share the folder they are in with us:

- If your files are on YouTube, copy the link and send it to us - we can download videos from YouTube and edit them.

- If your files are on Hudl, “star” each of your good plays, make sure they are trimmed, add them to your “Hudl Highlight” video and order the digital download file. When that arrives, forward us the email and we can trim the plays, add the arrows, and re-order them.

- If your files are on DVD, VHS, Mini DV Tape, etc, you can send us the media and we can copy it. We also return everything back to you.

STEP 2. We digitize the footage and send it to you with a time code overlay

 - We add a time code overlay on the top right hand corner of the video and send it back to you so you can pick out the starting and ending time code for every good play you want to keep in the film.

Click Here to download the recruiting tape time code worksheet (pdf format)

- You can fill in the worksheet and email it back to us, or take a photo of it with your phone and email/text the photo to us.

- If you have already picked out the time codes before you send us the film, we skip this step.

 STEP 3.

Let us know the text information for the start of the film.

The introduction usually includes a photo, as well as the following:

Name, Jersey Number, Position(s), School and Graduation Year.

It can also include information such as GPA, SAT Scores, Awards, Accomplishments and Contact Information.



Once we get your time codes, we build the highlight film, complete with arrows to highlight the athlete, an introduction, and anything you would like to add, all within 24-48 hours. We then email it to you for review.


If it looks perfect, we finalize and upload the video. If you want changes, we implement the changes and send it back for approval.

Once approved, we send you a link to your final film so it can be emailed to any coach/family member in the world. We also send you the highlight film file so you can have it. We also publish the video on our YouTube and Twitter channels so it can be searchable by coaches (or we can keep it private if you wish).

Football Examples: