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We produce recruiting tapes and highlight films in 2 or 3 days, provide season ending team banquet films, provide hi def filming services for skills videos (NJ and Tri State), fix Hudl videos,  digitize old 16mm football films, provide tape to standard DVD or Blu Ray DVD's, produce corporate videos for tv/social media, as well as photo montage videos from your photos.

If you still have questions after looking around, visit our old site at: http://s253645516.onlinehome.us/   or call or email me directly at the email/number below. Thanks!

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General Pricing - Recruiting Tapes

If you do not need arrows to identify the athlete (such as a goalie, quarterback, a skills video, etc) then the cost is $99 - $199, depending on how many files and plays you have.

If you need arrows on every play in the video, the cost depends on how many arrows are needed:                  $200 for 20 or less arrows                                                  $250 for 21 - 30 arrows                                                        $300 for 31 - 40 arrows.

A complete softball/baseball recruiting tape with a full day of filming a skills video is usually $300 for one person, $250 each for 2 people, $200 each for 3 people, $175 each for 4 people and $150 each for 5 or more people.

All recruiting tapes include a custom introduction, complete with photo(s) and text, along with any type of music you would like (if any). We also give you the highlight film file so you can have it, along with a link to the video on our YouTube channel so you can email it to coaches, and we also can post it on twitter for more exposure. We also add important tags and keywords to the video so google can index it to make it searchable. We do all this at no extra cost.

Recent Examples:

Zach plays Tennis for Middletown North High School, Middletown NJ.
Nick plays Cornerback, Wide Receiver and Running Back for Holmdel High School, Holmdel, NJ.

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Need a Recruiting Tape or Highlight Film?

We guarantee to be the best in the business by using the latest technology, professional graphics, shortest lead times with the lowest cost.

It takes us 3 days or less to produce your highlight film, post it to the internet, send you the highlight film file, and send you a link you can use to email coaches so they can view your film.

Scroll down below to view some recent examples, and click a link above to learn more about our pricing, products and services.

Patrick Toland
Founder, RecruitingTape.com
RecruitingTape@gmail.com   Phone (908) 461-5249