Royalty Free Music Choices
(The duration of your choices must add up to the length of your film)
Music Box
Music Box 1 Rock Music Box 1 Sports
Music Box 2 Rock Music Box 2 Sports
Music Box 3 Rock Music Box 3 Sports
  Music Box 3 Urban

Stacktraxx 1 Extreme Stacktraxx 2 Power
Stacktraxx 3 Serious Stacktraxx 6 Street Stacks
Stacktraxx 11 Epic Stacktraxx 13 High Impact
Stacktraxx 14 Rock Stacktraxx 25 Sports
Stacktraxx 27 Cinematic Stacktraxx 29 Dynamic Intensity
Stacktraxx 38 Urban Stacktraxx 40 Alternative
Stacktraxx 45 Techno Stacktraxx 46 Dark Mood
Stacktraxx 47 Motivation Stacktraxx 50 Cinematic Scores

Footage Firm
Footage Firm Alternative Rock Footage Firm Cinematic Action
Footage Firm Classic Rock Footage Firm Classic Sports
Footage Firm Hard Rock Footage Firm Heavy Metal
Footage Firm Heavy Rock Footage Firm Hip Hop Underscores
Footage Firm Modern Rock Footage Firm NU Metal Vol 1
Footage Firm Pop Rock Footage Firm Urban
  Footage Firm Urban Beats

Competitor Overdrive Extreme Sports
Guitar Rock Headbanger Sports


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